About our Co-operative Nursery School


The Clarence Co-operative Nursery School was established in 1945 in the Town of Clarence. Membership is open to parents who have children between three years and school age who are willing to participate in the total program.

The school provides developmentally appropriate, child-centered morning programs in a loving and safe environment. At the Clarence Co-op, children and families cultivate a lifelong love of learning as they develop new skills, knowledge, and friendships. We value the diversity of our member families, whose strengths and talents enrich our programs. Community participation and parent education nourish our family-oriented atmosphere.

What is a co-operative and how is it different from other schools?

A co-operative school is run by the parents of the children who attend and offers a unique chance to be actively involved in your child’s education. Our classes are taught by experienced and qualified teachers, but parents help in the classroom, set up for and attend class parties, participate in fundraisers, and more. The parent board makes the budget, sets tuition, and determines school policy. Parent involvement also allows us to keep our tuition lower than many other area schools. You will get to know not only the teacher, but also other parents and your child’s classmates, and you will always know what is going on at school. There is a strong “family” feeling that comes from being part of a co-operative community.

As part of our programs, parental responsibilities include:
  • Report as parent of the day when scheduled and provide a snack for the class
  • Volunteer to coordinate two to three additional activities or parties
  • Attend three to four mandatory parent meetings throughout the school year
  • Participate in fundraisers (approximately 2-3) 
  • Drive your child to and from field trips
  • Provide some classroom supplies (paper towels, cups, tissues, etc.)
  • Provide treats or supplies for holiday parties

Parents are also encouraged to volunteer for positions on the school board or to act as fundraising chairpersons.

(Parent responsibilities are not reflective of our UPK Program.)

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